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It’s important to consider, that dogs or any other pets are not toys for a short time pleasure. They are living and feeling beings with their own personalities and temperaments. Think twice If you are looking for a big game hunter or a lap dog for cuddling, because every option brings different responsibilities. Ask yourself If you’ve got enough spare time, If you’re willing to wake up early, to walk in a rain and cold several times in a day, do you have somebody to take over when necessary? And the most important question is, are you ready to take on this responsibility for the next 12 to 14 years ? 


We hope you’ve passed this self-check and find yourself as a responsible future owner. Many act impulsively when buying a pet and after short period of time, they find out the dark side of the job. In best case they end up with new owners, but majority of these poor creatures end up in shelters and here we come to the point of this article… there are milions around the world living in bad conditions and desperately waiting for a new home filled with love. 


As a former doggo adoptees, we would like to share couple of insights from our experience.

Like humans, doggos, especially adopted ones, also have their past
We’ve adopted two dogs, unsure of their age - according to the vet they could have been approximately 2 years old at the time. Very soon we recognized that one of them had a strong reaction to us holding newspaper, which gave us an impression that previous owner probably used it as a form of a punishment. The other one, we just couldn’t get into the car. We’re not implying that he was traumatized by a car in any way in the past, but it’s something we’ve noticed and took into consideration from there on. 
We took time to get to know each other...
When we first brought them home, they were both very hesitant and quiet, laying in their beds in the corner of the livingroom. We tried to engage them in a play and get-to-know each other session, but it wasn’t until couple of days, maybe a week, when the first - more social - one really enjoyed the play time. The other one followed his lead shortly after. That’s when we knew they finally felt comfortable in their new home and our company. 
It’s not been easy, but it’s been one happy ride after the rocky start.
We rarely know the full background of shelter dogs and taking one (or more) home carries a certain risk. We were lucky that after overcoming initial hickups and paying close attention to their behavious in various situations, we were able to create an environment in which our doggos thrive and live happy lives, complementing ours every single day. From waking up to them at foot of our bed, through coming home from work and seeing their ´happy faces’ to cosy evenings cuddling on a couch in front of the TV. The love they give you is unconditional and we consider adopting them to be one of our best decisions so far… until adopting another one…? :)) 
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